Other Investments

This section provides a summary of investments with underlying real estate which are managed by Focus Investments SpA, on its own account and on behalf of third parties. Also included are ongoing property developments and property being placed on the market.

Highstreet (SOLD)

Highstreet portfolio was acquired in July 2008 and the consortium composed by Borletti Group, Generali Group, Focus and Deutsche Bank holds a 49% stake in the company, the remaining 51% of the portfolio is owned by WW33 (Goldman Sachs). Highstreet Holding is the owner of properties leased to German department store operator Karstadt. Initially comprising […]

Manifatture Milano (SOLD) – Shareholding sold

Manifatture Milano is located close to the Milan Biccoca University, the Arcimboldi Theatre and the Hangar Bicocca. The building complex is the outcome of the project to redevelop and enhance the value of the former tobacco factory Manifattura Tabacchi in Milan, maintaining the original features of historical and architectural interest.